Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

INDUSTRIAS St. Cuore S.A, identified with NIT 800.059.608-4, is responsible for the processing of personal data and will do so working with criteria of confidentiality, security and restricted circulation, in accordance with its information processing policy.

The treatment that St. Cuore gives to the Client’s data is reliable and secure, no person provides the Client’s data by means other than: Business domain emails, corporate website, documents duly addressed and sent by correspondence or physically granted through official company document. The authorized data will be used only by people authorized by the company to carry out the normal exercise of commercial and labor relations; As well as its inherent activities.

The rights that assist Clients as data owners are:

  • Know, update, rectify and delete personal information.
  • To revoke the consent granted.
  • Request proof of authorization.
  • Request and receive information about the purpose of data use.
  • Complain to the SIC for misuse of personal data.
  • Be informed of the data being processed, free of charge.

When the data is considered sensitive for minors, the Client may refrain from responding. If the Client was already part of the database, it is necessary to have their authorization to continue entering and using their data. Therefore, if the Client is now part of the database, after 30 business days of receiving this notice, the Client must take the appropriate action to revoke the authorization, or it is clearly understood and expressed that the Client gives permission to maintain your information. The above being in accordance with law 1581 of 2012 and its regulatory decree 1377 of 2013.

If the Client agrees to this policy and authorizes St. Cuore. To make use of your personal data, you must keep this information in mind for future actions. If, on the other hand, the Client does not wish for his or her data to be used by the company in any context, he or she may contact the corresponding contact indicated above.